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Our 6 key areas of service dramatically reduce the amount of time and resources you spend on the purchasing process. Start to use your time more efficiently and let us help. Our cohesive approach provides you with the fastest possible response to requests, access to advice and guidance with experienced product specialists and pre-sales technical assistance.

  • 1. We become part of your team. We listen to your needs, research the market and find the best product for you and your business. IT purchasing is rarely a one-off, we can repeat the process for you time and time again.

  • 2. We provide your business with a consolidated approach. Find IT Here does everything from the time you call us until delivery.

  • 3. We deliver your purchase where and when you need it – Australia wide. Our broad network ensures over 90% of purchases are delivered the next business day.

  • 4. We have access to one of Australia’s largest procurement networks. We manage an exhaustive list of industry contacts that is forever growing and changing. We can respond to change quickly.

  • 5. We have access to over 500,000+ products via our extensive supply chain. We can source virtually any technology product available.

  • 6. We offer unparalleled support and are fiercely proud of our unrivalled customer service. We develop meaningful relationships with our customers that stand the test of time. We are around for the complete lifecycle of all products we supply. We will even help when we can with products purchased elsewhere.

…we have a great working relationship and it has improved overtime as Find IT Here always listens to us and also clarify things rather than just proceeding with the request which I believe is a great practice. It saves time, effort and money…

Alfie, IT Procurement Officer

…I love how they are being friendly and at the same time professional and helpful and keeping up with our requirements and go beyond the extra mile of providing solutions and options…

Alfie, IT Procurement Officer

…we’ve reduced stock on hand as we can order quickly, saved time hunting around for solutions, avoided making bad choices…

Mark, IT Director

…always meets high expectations, clear communication, responsive to contact, good products, excellent service ethic, rapid supply…

Mark, IT Director

…Find IT Here has been a reliable supplier & provides great service…

Mark, Financial Controller

…zero downtime due to product availability, technical advice has helped in selecting the correct hardware…

Mark, Financial Controller


We currently work with small business, government departments, medium to large enterprise and individuals. We see ourselves as an extension of your business giving you one point of contact for all your needs. The key for you is quick responses and a simplified process. While your needs may adapt to suit you to ensure the best possible solution.

  • SME & Large Enterprise – we become an extension of your internal IT procurement team – fitting in seamlessly with your current procedures.

  • Small Business – we don’t treat you differently because you are small. We help get the products you need to get started and stay with you as you grow.
  • Education – we understand the budget and policy constraints and can help with large tenders, projects, upgrades, campus-wide roll outs and core infrastructure expansion.
  • Health and Aged Care – we offer solutions from core infrastructure to patient care and have a wide range on industry experience niche products to keep carers caring.
  • Government – we have an impressive track record of helping government organisations achieve their targets whilst remaining within budget.
  • Personal Technology – we help you make the right decisions with honest, unbiased advice and always have time to listen to you. We can find new and legacy products that others can’t.


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