Why Find IT Here?

Why Find IT Here?
Why Find IT Here?2017-12-05T13:28:45+00:00

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Find IT Here has only one product we sell – our service and that’s FREE!

The technology procurement service we provide aligns itself with businesses that understand there is a total cost to the purchasing process and are actively looking at ways to reduce its impact on profits and revenue.

With over 10 years’ experience in technology procurement we have developed a simplified approach for your business to access information, purchase products and receive support for virtually any technology requirement you have.

How much is the process of purchasing costing your business in time and money?

Consider the time it takes you to search, research and compare a product before you buy. Then think about your process to purchase, receive and pay for this product. How long did it take you and how often do you repeat this process?

Whatever your answer, we can agree the process of purchasing has a hidden cost in time. In business, time is money. That means that every purchase you make has a direct cost and a hidden cost associated.

The actual cost of any purchase may be considerably higher than we would like to admit. This is a problem businesses small or large experience. The only difference is the frequency of purchases and the number of people involved in the purchasing process.

Find IT Here provides your business a service, with a range of features that dramatically reduce the time you spend on your purchasing process, resulting in increased profits and revenue.

With Find IT Here you can Stop Searching and Start Finding!

We provide your business access to all the features below. No strings attached, no contracts and no obligations. Use as much or as little of our service whenever it’s needed. You only need to remember ‘If it’s available, you’ll Find IT Here’ and if we can’t supply IT we’ll find someone who can, that’s our guarantee to you.

What are the features of Find IT Here’s Technology Procurement Service?

Your own team

No pushy sales people, just a customer service team with a proven track record of finding products and services where others have failed.

The time you spend to search, research and compare can far outweigh the actual savings returned. Wouldn’t it be easier to just contact someone that; listens to your needs, independently researches your request, provides the comparative tools to aid decision making and can fulfill your purchase? Find IT Here can and we efficiently repeat this process time and time again for our clients.

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We provide your business one consolidated approach to the purchase process and purchasing of products. Put simply, ONE call to start the process, ONE relationship to grow, ONE contact from quote to invoice, ONE supplier for every product, ONE account to pay and ONE name to remember – Find IT Here!

By providing you greater diversity in vendors, products and distribution points, we can not only consolidate the varying products you need, but also consolidate your existing supply chains.

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Logistics Management

Delivering your purchase where and when you need it Australia wide, is probably one of the most important aspects of the service we provide your business. We access a large range of carriers and services to ensure we deliver your order when and where you need it most.

We don’t just provide you tracking we actively track your order and liaise with you to ensure delivery is fulfilled. Our simplified freight structure aims to dispatch all orders same day, with over 90% of orders are delivered next business day.

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Procurement Network

Gain access to one of Australia’s largest network of suppliers, distributors and vendors. We manage an exhaustive list of industry contacts that’s ever growing. In the dynamic world of technology procurement, new products, services and vendors appear daily. Your business needs a company that can respond to change fast.

Find IT Here is respected for its independence by our clients, suppliers and vendors. We only recommend solutions based on your needs and are always ready to open new doors for our clients, as new technologies emerge.

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500,000+ Products

By default of our extensive procurement network, we can Source virtually any business technology product available. Over 500,000+ products SKU’s are accessible and closer to 1,000,000 products are available in stock at any one time via warehouse locations Australia wide.

Don’t just take our word for it, try our technology procurement service for yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Unparalleled Support

At Find IT Here our mission is to provide meaningful relationships with our clients, not just transactional ones. We are proud of our unrivalled customer service. When something goes wrong it’s an opportunity to make this right again.

We’re here to help for the complete life cycle of all products we supply. What’s more, we’ll also help where possible with products purchased elsewhere.

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Find IT Here – Enablers of Good Decisions.

Look at Find IT Here as your technology broker, an enabler of good decisions. The single product we provide your business is our technology procurement service, comprising of the features listed above.

We have successfully brought our clients together with the right products and vendors for over 10 years. Our loyal clients view us as trusted advisers and we’re known affectionately as the ‘Go to Team’ due to the consistent results we provide when procuring hardware, software and other service solutions.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our service in action. Our procurement team is ready to respond to any purchasing requirement you have.

Contact us via our website if you have an enquiry or call us directly on 02 9923 1770 and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to receive weekly updates on products, technology news, guides and promotions.

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