Targus Education Series Protecting your BYOD or BYOT investment

Targus Education Series Protecting your BYOD or BYOT investment

With the average cost of BYOD around $1,000 for high school students, protecting this important learning investment is paramount. One of the simplest methods of protecting your investment is the purchase of a quality case. Not just any case but one that’s built ‘Kid Tough’. Enter Targus education series including the T.A.N.C.™. Let’s look at the complete range, available through Find IT Here.

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There is no doubt that the integration of technology in schools is a major game changer in learning outcomes and student teacher interaction. In 2017 the Schoolkids Bonus scheme was axed, as a result there is increased financial pressure to ensure any technology purchase lasts the distance. Therefore when choosing a notebook or tablet for your child it is important to consider protection features such as warranties and accidental damage insurance.

But let’s face it we are talking about kids at school. We need front line protection! A quality case can provide a protective armour, against the inevitable bumps, drops and scratches. The Targus education series available through Find IT Here offers just such protection to protect your investment.

If you haven’t already purchased your BYOD or BYOT for 2018, read this great school tech buying guide by Choice and then contact us and we’ll find the right product based on your budget and needs.

The Targus Story and why choose Targus Education Series for your school needs.

Celebrating more than 30 years and still Australia’s #1 best-selling education tech case brand.  Furthermore, Targus are the pioneers of the laptop carry case category. They are committed to working closely with schools, corporations, education resellers and leading manufacturers like Acer, Apple, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba.

Also, all Targus Education series cases are independently drop and compression tested. They are a safe choice with local warranty and customer service support. In addition Targus offers a wide variety of tech cases and accessories to suit all levels of protection, connectivity and budgetary needs.

5 top reasons why Find IT Here is the right place to purchase Targus Education series for BYOD needs.

  1. Find IT Here has been supplying Targus for over 10 years.
  2. We have a strong relationship with all Targus authorised distributors in Australia.
  3. Access to competitive pricing when purchasing as an individual
  4. We can assist schools to leverage pricing based on group purchases for students.
  5. Same day dispatch on orders Australia wide.

Targus Education Series Range

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T.A.N.C.™ 5.0 Hardshell Protective Case

These durable and kid-friendly bags are the ultimate protection for school devices.

T.A.N.C.’s™ unique combination of five layers of padding provides superior device protection in the schoolyard. With clever features like a Device Ejection System for easy device retrieval, a removable padded shoulder strap for comfort, a convenient accessories pocket and a rear large window for student timetables.

Independent drop and compression tested to hold up to 120kg of fully distributed load (testing undertaken through Access UTS Pty Ltd, wholly owned University of Technology Sydney).

6 Year Warranty.

Available sizes and part numbers:

12” #  TBT25002AU | 13.3” #  TBT25102AU | 14” # TBT25202AU

Orbus™ Hardsided Work-In Case

With the Orbus™, students don’t even need to remove their laptop from the bag when it’s time to work.

The Orbus™ is an ultra-tough, unique and stylish laptop case which can also double as a lap desk. The hard finish EVA shell acts as a protective barrier while the interior is lined with a new, patent pending dual foamlayer pr otection system. The thoughtful internal design also aids in the ventilation of the laptop while in use.

Available sizes and part numbers:

11.6” # TBD01804AU | 12.5” # TBD02204AU | 13.3” # TBD01904AU | 14″ # TBD02104AU

Contego™ Armoured Slipcase

Contego™ is Latin for ‘to protect’ and the Contego™ slipcase does just that and more.

Designed and built to provide protection without adding excess weight, the Contego™ also features comfortable carrying handles. It’s the ideal vertically designed slipcase for school backpacks. Optional detachable shoulder strap sold separately.

Available sizes and part numbers for Contego™ 4.0:

11-12” # TBS61204AU | 13.3” # TBS61304AU

Available sizes and part numbers for Contego™ 4.0 MacBook (slim fit):

11.6” # TBS61404AU| 13″ # TBS61504AU

Vertical Rugged Slipcase

Light, easy to slip into a backpack, and tough, these slipcases protect against bumps and scratches without weighing students down.

The Vertical Rugged Slipcase is designed to protect school laptops and 2-in-1 devices from schoolyard bumps and scratches. With reinforced side panels and a shock-absorbing compartment, the Vertical Rugged Slipcase is still slim enough to fit within school backpacks and bags. Optional detachable shoulder strap sold separately.

Available sizes and part numbers:

11-12” # TSS972AU | 13-14” # TSS973AU

16” Terra Backpack Education Edition

Perfect for students who need a reliable and strong backpack to carry that little bit extra.

Designed to protect laptops with 16” screens, the Terra Backpack is perfect for students who prefer a sturdy, roomy backpack. Designed to protect laptops with up to 16” screens, this backpack also features multiple compartments as well as a built-in rain cover and water-resistant bottom.

Available sizes and part numbers:

16” # TSB226AU/EDU

Compliment the Targus Education series with a large range other products from Targus.

Targus has a huge range of products that go well beyond the Targus Education series. At Find IT Here we can assist you in accessing all Targus products not for education, but also business and personal. So contact us today and request a quote.

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