Productive Workspace

Productive Workspace

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Improving the comfort and usability of your workspace will maximise productivity.

There are a number of ways to improve the workspace for you and your employees and we can help with all of them.

There are three key areas where small changes can lead to big results.


Ergonomically designed furniture immediately improves comfort, enhances mood and spends up back to work recovery. Things as simple as monitor choice can have an impact especially when combined with articulated mounts or stands to ensure each item is at the right height. Specially designed mice and other peripherals work with these to ensure the best possible fit.

Desks can also play a major role, offices promote sedentary work habits so by installing Sit Stand desks or Desk Risers you can mix things up. This all helps to improve posture and encourage movement throughout the day.

Reducing Clutter

Photo by Nikolay Tarashchenko

Tidy and uncluttering workspaces enhances mood and removes distraction as well as keeping the office safe from unnecessary hazards. No more cable spaghetti lying around.

Laptop stands and docks keep desks tidy by removing cables from view and USB hubs keep everything connected but out of the way. Wireless keyboards and mice are a quick way to get rid of cables.

Even simple fixes like storage boxes make a huge difference and create a visually satisfying workspace.

Productivity Products

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Multiple monitors is a quick way to improve your productivity. It allows you to easily reference and copy between screens or keep a system open to monitor like email to quickly respond to clients.

Mobile broadband is very useful as many laptops can be configured with 3G/LTE modems, alternatively USB dongles and Wifi hotspots are available.  This all means you can stay productive out of the office and save your phone’s battery.

Don’t underestimate the impact of upgrading your devices. Old machines struggle to keep up with modern workloads. New tech will decrease your wait time and help you perform tasks quicker. Look for current CPUs with SSD storage.

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