Privileged Account Management – Thycotic

Privileged Account Management – Thycotic

Pow, Bang… PAM!

Besides being fun to say as an acronym, Privileged Account Management is a serious topic. Thycotic is a specialist vendor focusing on security, both from cyber attacks and inside threats. They are industry leaders and have removed the pain of traditional systems.

Fortify Your Environment. Secure Privileged Accounts

We have seen a rising interest amongst our clients regarding privileged account management and how to fortify their data centre and core infrastructure.

Many of our clients have invested wisely in strengthening the edge of their networks with firewalls, DMZs and private WAN infrastructure. However, the security at the core of the company’s technology warehouse has not seen improvement for decades.

With 80% of data breaches coming from a compromised privileged credential there has never been a better time to consider the new solutions available to you.

PAM software doesn’t just provide you a basic credential vault like some rudimentary consumer solutions. It is a replacement for our legacy method of remembering credentials and accessing core infrastructure like Windows and Linux Servers, Routers, Firewalls, Storage, Cloud Infrastructure and more. Thycotic’s solution lets you Discover; Manage & Audit; Monitor & Control; and Secure & Protect privileged accounts, enabling organisations to enforce least privilege policies for business and administrative users.

no one in your team ever need to know, remember or ever see a password…

Usernames and password combinations to these assets are what make your organisation vulnerable to breaches. The nirvana of the PAM solution is that no one in your team ever needs to know, remember or see a password associated with one of these accounts. Thycotic’s solution can help you achieve this.

Enhanced Authentication and Governance

With two factor authentication integration available, the solution provides a robust workspace to initiate connections with your core infrastructure assets. Full auditing provides easy reporting on each privileged user’s interactions with the solution and your assets.

For those of you with compliance and governance requirements, the optional feature to record Windows RDS sessions and Linux terminal sessions provides additional accountability and traceability of staff interaction with your systems.

Privileged Account Management – Partners in Success

Find IT Here has partnered with Thycotic due to their award winning solution Secret Server and excellent local technical support, based in Adelaide and reinforced by global offices providing a chase the sun 24/7 support network.

Together Find IT Here and Thycotic have successfully deployed the solution within client environments and provided state of the art security to help protect customer data, industry secrets and critical systems to ensure business as usual and mitigate disastrous situations.

Contact us today to discuss your unique situation and let us show you how simple it can be to lock down your systems and help you sleep at night.

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