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Find IT Here provides more vendors and helps you choose the right one.

Gain access to one of Australia’s largest network of suppliers, distributors and vendors. In the dynamic world of technology procurement, new products, services and vendors appear daily. We manage an exhaustive list of industry contacts that’s ever-growing, providing you the opportunity to open more doors in search of the right option.  Your business needs a company that can remain independent and respond to change fast.

  • Want to access more vendors in one place? The list of vendors we deal with is constantly evolving. We have over 400 active vendors at any one time and more available.
  • Looking for a vendor or new technology? If we don’t have a supply channel in place, we will actively pursue one for you, with no obligation on you.
  • Want to engage multiple vendors without pressure? We can provide a go-between service till you’re ready to sit down and talk. Then we’ll tee up the introductions.
  • Need pre-purchase technical assistance? Depending on your request, we can connect you with free pre-purchase technical support through to paid network architects.

Find IT Here is respected for its independence by our clients, suppliers and vendors. We only recommend vendor solutions based on your needs and are always ready to open new doors for our clients, as new technologies emerge.

Want to discuss your preferred vendors or perhaps you have heard of a vendor and not sure how to access it. Simply call or contact us and we will help you find the information you need.

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