One Consolidated Approach

One Consolidated Approach
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At Find IT Here we provide you with one consolidated approach to your technology procurement. Our method is simple and will save you time, resources and money from the point of conception to the end by streamlining all the processes in the life cycle of your technology products. By providing you greater diversity in vendors, products and distribution points we can not only consolidate the varying products you need, but also consolidate your existing supply chains.

Consolidated approach infographic

With a consolidated approach from Find IT Here you gain access to a diverse range of products made for business. The more areas of your business we can help you with the greater understanding we gain of your business needs and in turn the greater savings we can provide. Benefit from a knowledgeable team who can proactively preempt your ordering habits and provide recommendations to save you time, reduce your spending or better suit you business.

The more you utilise our service the more we save your business.

Find IT Here drive a strong case for single source procurement. With no contracts or strings attached you can choose to source as much or as little of your businesses purchasing needs from us. The more you utilise our service the more we save your business. As your business grows in size, indirect procurement costs grow directly – affecting profits. In turn, the cost of the purchase process itself will also eat into your organisation profits.

What are purchase orders costing your business?

Think of your purchasing process and how it’s implemented in your business? Is there one or many people involved in the process? How many purchase orders does your business raise? With that in mind what is the time spent on each phase of your purchasing sequence? Finally, how much is your and your employees’ time worth?

Purchase order process

Whatever figure you put on the cost of raising a single purchase order, be it $5, $20, $100 or $400, Find IT Here has tools and expertise to reduce the cost of purchasing and therefore increase the profit within your business. Here are just some of the benefits of using Find IT Here for single source procurement.

  • Reduce staff time wasted making multiple enquiries with multiple suppliers
  • Reduce wasted resources on managing multiple accounts payable
  • Reduce confusion about who to call for post sales support and warranty
  • Gain access to a diverse range of products from leading brands and niche offerings
  • Gain additional time and resources to focus on your core business
  • Gain control by simplifying the entire procurement cycle

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements to see where we can provide immediate savings to your business. 

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