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Education Technology Procurement
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Find IT Here has vast experience providing our education technology procurement service regardless of institution type and size. From early childhood development through to university, public, private and religious institutions we have the ability to assist.

Many of our education clients have similar concerns about their ongoing technology requirements. They want to receive quality service and advice, though are constrained by budgets and policies. Often items are required quickly as considerable time has already been consumed by internal policies and procedures just to arrive at the request stage, let alone the purchase stage. We understand the constraints staff have to work within. In many situations it is the faculty staff, teachers and fellows themselves, doing all the leg work on finding a suitable item and in some situation receiving authorisation and funding can be a very laborious task.

We try and minimise our impact on the procurement of your requirements by providing a quick turn around on quotations, taking the legwork out of the equation for faculty staff by doing the research, comparisons and providing recommendations. Finally once it comes to fulfillment of your requirements, we access the largest range of distributors, suppliers and importers to get the items to you in the quickest manor and ship items with professional courier services so they get to you when and where you need them.

So whether your needs are for students, faculty, or administrative staff we can help you with the lot. We can even assist with larger tenders, projects, upgrades, campus-wide roll-outs and core infrastructure expansion.

Early Childhood

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We know how important it is to capture the early memories and development of children as well as help develop skills. That is why we provide a huge range of printers, scanners, cameras and displays including interactive and touch devices. When you need new printers we can help you select the best option by compiling comprehensive total cost of ownership (TCO) comparisons and offer great recommendations to reduce your printing costs. We have a huge range of printer consumables in original and high quality compatibles. We also proudly supply digital still cameras and video recorders to help you capture the moments and even scanners so the next Picasso can be shared with everyone.

Primary and Secondary Education

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Technology can be a great learning tool and often provides multiple methods of communicating a concept to help a broader range of students absorb the material and learn new things. Not only is it a great teaching tool but also, becoming efficient with technology is important in helping develop the next generation of leaders, decision makers, productive workers and valuable community members. Most of our primary and secondary education clients are already running digital classrooms that our younger selves would not have recognised if we were sent back to the future.

Today’s classroom includes Electronic and Interactive Whiteboards, Projectors, powerful Workstations for CAD and creative applications. Student devices have also changed to keep up with the tools of the time from desktops to notebooks, tablets and hybrids. Digital signage is also growing within education to help inform staff and students of updates and policies and procedures as well as inform parents and external stakeholders of upcoming events and functions. All of which Find IT Here can help you with. Whether you are replacing a couple of dated or faulty items or fitting out a new complex with the latest tech and need to bring your core infrastructure up to spec in the process. We have the knowledge and skills to help you throughout the entire project and achieve on time and on budget results.

Tertiary and Further Education

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Tertiary and further education facilities are well oiled machines that need efficient supply methods and reliable contacts to help them moving smoothly. Most of our tertiary and further education clients have campus locations scattered throughout a geographic location or even all over the country, which is why they find it so easy to deal with the team at Find IT Here. Whether you need a dozen items sent to one location or one item sent to a dozen locations we make it simple and take the logistical nightmare out of your hands.

Not only do we help clients with their core infrastructure servers, storage and network (including wireless), most often we are fitting in as an extension to the internal Information Technology Procurement (ITP) teams and provide products to academics, support staff, research grants and practical classes and training facilities. Common items include peripherals, personal storage, dictation devices and speech recognition software, digital still and video cameras, advanced computing for technical research and rugged devices for field applications. Of course our offerings are not limited to these items, nor are our clients’ requirements. At Find IT Here we regularly step outside the box to help source many out-of-the-ordinary products and cutting edge technology components to fuel the ingenuity within the tertiary environment. It is these challenging moments that our team relishes.

There are many areas of education technology procurement that we can assist you with for all your requirements. Just some of the technology we have assisted other education providers have been touched on above, but perhaps what your looking for is something different Contact Us today and let us find your technology needs.

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