We’re now supplying Simplecom products.

We’re now supplying Simplecom products.

Introducing the Simplecom range of products. A great assortment of simple styled functional computer accessories for the budget conscious business. Now available at Find IT Here.

Simplcom SE218 HDD enclusures all colour options shown

New for us this November 2017 is the complete range of Simplecom products. On offer is a great range of common computer accessories and more. Importantly these are all offered at competitive price. Also you’ll find the Simplecom products have a sleek corporate styling, making these functional products look great in any modern workspace. They will appeal to those of you looking for consistent branding. Many options have low key colour choices.

About Simplecom

Simplecom had been operating as an online retailer for 7 years and recently expanded to wholesale. According to their website they are 100% Australian owned and operated. While Simplecom’s products can be purchased directly form their website at full RRP, Find IT Here offers the the full product range at a discounted price to our client.

Stock Availbility

Currently there is only a single warehouse location located in Sydney NSW. However, Simplecom has this well stocked. Rest assured with Find IT Here’s logistics management service we can Simplecom’s products Australia wide within 1-3 Business Days.

Product Categories

Storage and Docking

  • External Enclosures | Internal Enclosures | HDD Docking | Storage Adaptors


  • Bluetooth Headphones | USB Wireless Headphones | USB Speakers

Computer Accessories

  • USB Hubs | Card Readers | Remote Control | Cables | Expansion Cards | and More

Networking and Wireless

  • USB Ethernet Adapters | USB WIFI Adapters | Bluetooth Adapters


  • Video Adapters | Cables and Accessories | LED Lighting

Product Information and Quotation Request

All Simplecoms products have been loaded in our system and we are ready to take enquiries and process orders. So contact our team now for more detailed products information or to request a quote!

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