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Since 2005 we have strived to make technology procurement a simple process for our clients. While your requirements may be complex, at Find IT Here we believe that determining your requirements and then sourcing it should be a relatively painless process. Over the years we have helped hundreds of business save time and money with our smart and simple process.

So how does our technology procurement service work?

Find IT Here has no shop or warehouse. Therefore no stock. No stock means no pressure to sell. No pressure to sell means that we can talk about what you need. Once we know what you need then we can go and find it for you. So now you can relax, because when you need something you know now there’s a smarter way, you just contact Find IT Here. It’s that Simple!

To achieve this ‘simplicity’ in technology procurement for our clients, we have worked tirelessly to develop the largest network of suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, importers and brokers in the technology industry both locally and abroad. Through this network a massive vendor base is achieved, providing you with access to tens of thousands of products at any one time.

Access virtually all vendors.

Find IT Here is an authorised reseller with most major vendors. For those vendors where no partnership currently exists or where your request is outside the scope of what we can provide directly, we have many alliances providing indirect access to your required request.

Through these alliances we can act as a conduit allowing a myriad of products and services to flow to you from a single point. In the instance where we cannot assist directly or indirectly we have in place a referral process to put you in touch with someone who can. Our service all boils down to this, if it’s available there’s a good chance you’ll find it at Find IT Here.

We invite you to try our technology procurement service there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. It just takes one call or one email and we will do the rest.

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