Delivery When and Where You Need It


When do you need it and where do you need it?

When you order from Find IT Here there are two key questions we first ask ‘When do you need it?’ and ‘Where do you need it delivered?’.

Your answer to these questions will dictate where your order is sourced from. Sounds simple enough when your talking about a single item order. As the urgency and number of items increases so does the complexity of the delivery. An order may be sourced from one or multiple locations nationally and shipped to one or multiple locations as requested.

Still sounding simple enough? add in a back order or two, three or more time zones, a few natural disasters and soon you have a logistical nightmare. Thankfully Find IT Here has seen it all before. We have a reputation for meeting and exceeding delivery for our stated lead times on a consistent basis.

From our experience with handling complex logistics scenarios we know we can handle unique requirements including delayed shipments or future orders, staggered or staged roll-outs or any other personalised needs.

We engage the services of multiple logistics providers. All items are tracked and insured

Below are our standard delivery services. Specialised services are available on request to meet all other needs.

Please note the services listed below are provided as a guide only. Find IT Here will always confirm what services are available to you prior to your order being placed.

Next Business Day (NBD)

Delivery_Trolley_Next_dayAround 90% of orders are shipped on our Next Business Day service.

The Next Business Day (NBD) options available are by road and air freight. NBD Road is available for Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra metropolitan areas. NBD Air is an Australia wide satchel service up to 5kg (excludes some remote locations).

Same Day Delivery

This service is predominately used for printer consumables such as toners, inks and ribbons. We can also fulfill a range of technology hardware items up to 15kg. Orders received before 10.00am may qualify for this service with deliveries being completed by close of business the same day.

This service is only available in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

Urgent Priority Delivery

When things get critical Find IT Here is ready to respond. We offer a range of priority point-to-point courier services with delivery generally within 3 hours or less. The service is currently limited to Sydney and Melbourne for items up to 15kg.

Regional Express Delivery

At Find IT Here we support many clients in regional locations across Australia. As a pre-qualified supplier to Department of Defence we ship items to remote locations on a daily basis generally within tight time frames.

Our Next Business Day Air service for items that can fit in a 5kg satchel cover most locations Australia wide. For all other items we use road/rail freight with delivery generally completed within 2-3 days, with the exception of Northern Territory, Northern Western Australia and Far North Queensland where delivery is completed within 3-5 days.

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